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Dialysis Injury: Finding GranuFlo Attorneys

Hemodialysis1 is a process which patients undergo when they suffer acute and chronic kidney failure. During the process, a machine filters the waste products, salts and unwanted fluids from the blood because the patient’s kidneys are no longer healthy enough to do it. Hemodialysis is a complicated process during which a drug called GranuFlo® is often used.

Patients using GranuFlo may suffer unwanted side effects, which can lead to serious injury. If you or a loved one suffers a personal injury after this treatment, you may want to seek out a GranuFlo injury lawyer to support you.

How GranuFlo works

During the process of hemodialysis, doctors use a solution called dialysate to clean the patient’s blood. GranuFlo2 contains two chemicals, which combine to produce bicarbonate during the process. The hemodialysis process needs bicarbonate to neutralize the build-up of harmful acid in the blood. Too much bicarbonate in the blood can be dangerous, however, and can lead to side effects.

Risks of using GranuFlo

Patients using GranuFlo may suffer from a condition called metabolic alkalosis.3 This condition can lead to arrhythmia, where the heart beats irregularly. It can also lead to a coma or an electrolyte imbalance, including hypokalemia. The symptoms of metabolic alkalosis include:

  • Confusion
  • Light-headedness
  • Muscle twitching
  • Nausea
  • Numbness

In severe cases, patients may die. Patients with metabolic alkalosis may need to bear the additional pain, suffering, and financial cost of further medical support. These people may also require the support of a trained GranuFlo injury lawyer.

Locating a GranuFlo dialysis lawyer

Patients suffering metabolic alkalosis may belong to a support group or may be friends with other sufferers. A personal recommendation for a trained GranuFlo injury lawyer can be an excellent way to find the right attorney. Your professional network may also be a good way to get an introduction. Your accountant or financial advisor may have the contact details for a competent GranuFlo attorney, for example.

Alternatively, you could look for a GranuFlo dialysis attorney online. Search for details through one of the popular online search engines. You can search by location (e.g., your state) or by field of expertise (such as personal injury) to find the right match. You can also search for details through one of the popular online search engines.

Finding the right GranuFlo attorney

Be sure that any potential personal injury attorney has relevant experience in dealing with injuries of this nature. The law firm should have recent experience of GranuFlo personal injury lawsuits. Once his or her services are retained, your lawyer will then be able to advise you on the likely settlement of any dialysis injury, and of any specific medical evidence that you will need to provide.

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