Defective Drug Litigation

Help From a Personal Injury Lawyer for Byetta Drug

Byetta® is a drug that doctors prescribe to patients with type 2 diabetes. While many patients successfully use the drug (medical name exenatide), others may experience side effects or injuries.

How Byetta works

Byetta patients administer the drug via an injection.1 Exenatide is part of a group of medications called incretin mimetics. The drug stimulates the patient's pancreas to produce more insulin, which is a chemical that helps convert sugar to energy. Patients with type 1 diabetes cannot use the drug, as they do not produce insulin at all, but exenatide can successfully control the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

The benefits of Byetta

Most patients use Byetta without any complications. There are a number of benefits2 to using the drug, including the following.

  • It is suitable for patients who cannot or prefer not to take oral medication.
  • It is simple to use, packaged in a prefilled injection pen.
  • It can improve blood sugar levels from the first day of use.
  • It can help patients control their weight

For some patients, however, Byetta can cause serious side effects.

Byetta side effects

The medication can lead to an increased risk of pancreatic cancer.3 Pancreatic cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death. This is because doctors rarely detect the symptoms of the disease until it reaches an advanced stage. Exenatide may also lead to a condition called pancreatitis.4 When this occurs, the pancreas may swell, causing severe abdominal pain and other symptoms. Patients with pancreatitis may need further medical attention, which can be painful, inconvenient and costly. These patients will often, therefore, seek the help of a competent Byetta attorney to help them file a class action lawsuit.

How a personal injury lawyer can help

A trained Byetta lawyer will have recent experience of similar cases, and will be able to give you advice on the likely settlement that you could receive. He or she will be able to advise you about the information and evidence you'll need to supply for the case, such as medical records and doctors' reports. He or she can represent you in court, and ensure that you fulfill legal requirements at each stage of the process. An experienced personal injury lawyer can increase your chances of success and of receiving the highest possible settlement.

Finding a personal injury lawyer

You should try to find a personal injury lawyer with the right level of experience and knowledge. A personal recommendation from a colleague or from a member of your business network could be a useful starting point. If you belong to a support group, talk to other members of the group for possible names of personal injury attorneys with proven success.

If you or a loved has been injured from the use of Byetta, contact a personal injury attorney promptly to protect your legal rights and ensure that you receive the right amount of compensation.

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